The Most Advance Medical Diagnostic Imaging Technology yet

HOD takes pride in bringing world class state of the art imaging technology, which can simultaneously acquire MRI and PET data across the whole body.
Being the technology’s first installation in South Asia, HOD takes pride to step forward and put India on the global forefront in Medical Imaging expertise.

Simultaneous acquisition of such data, implies that the technology beams itself far ahead of the current PET-CT technology with the much comprehensive & resourceful MRI data which is acquired without any Radiation from the machine making it the modality of choice for imaging All Age Groups equipping with an phenomenal set of benefits for the doctors and the patient:


PET employs the application of PET data using an isotope which is introduced in the body in a controlled manner. The isotope disintegrates into a positron, which is an antiparticle of an electron. This process throws up important information related to the targeted tissues in the body which are detected using a scanner. The images so generated by the scanner are acquired simultaneously with the MR Images which uses magnetic field to acquire comprehensive high resolution data across the body to give accurate and reliable information about health & disease process in the body.

With this equipment on hand, House of Diagnostics is proud to have India on the World Map along with all major Cancer Diagnostic Setups worldwide.


With the capabilities of the world’s only Simultaneous PET-MRI solution, locating cancers at it’s earliest stages becomes possible. Besides ZERO radiation dose exposure from the machine, PET-MRI delivers the most comprehensive medical imaging results, obtainable from the world of medical imaging. This comprehensive detail, helps the test become the most advanced solution for cancer diagnosis. Also, the marked reduction in radiation exposure proves yet more important for Paediatric Oncology, as special care is needed for our young ones.

This Technology has given us deeper insights into Pediatric Oncology, Breast Cancer, Pelvic Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Neuro Imaging, Spine Cancers, Hepatic-Gastro Oncology, Fever of Unknown Origins, Pre & Post Transplant Analysis, Dementia & Neurological Workups, Epilepsy Surgery Workup, and much more.

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This Most comprehensive and advanced cancer diagnostic modality emits ZERO-RADIATION unlike the widely prescribed PET-CT Scan, which is specially beneficial in :

  • Pediatric case evaluation
  • Reproductive age group women
  • Modality of choice in patients requiring multiple PET scans

Provides Comprehensive Diagnostic Imaging :

  • Anatomical localization
  • Metabolic characterization
  • Functional status evaluation

Provides Insights into :

  • Early detection
  • Staging of disease – reducing the chances of surgical staging
  • Therapy selection and treatment
  • Planning, monitoring of therapy and follow-up

Helpful in Oncological Evaluation in :

  • Neuro Oncology
  • Pediatric Oncology
  • Head & Neck Tumors
  • Breast Cancer
  • Hepatobiliary, Small and Large Bowel Malignancies
  • Lymphoma
  • Female Pelvic Oncology (Ovaries,Uterus and Cervix)
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bone Metastasis

Hypoxic ischemic injury evaluation
For Epilepsy Surgery Planning


FDG Based Tests

  • Whole Body FDG PET MRI
  • Brain – FDG PET MRI
  • Head and Neck FDG PET MRI
  • Breast – FDG PET MRI
  • Whole Abdomen FDG PET MRI
  • Musclo Skeletal FDG PET MRI
  • FDG Cancer Staging PET MRI
  • FDG Whole Body Cancer Screening PET MRI

DOTA Based Tests

  • Whole Body DOTA PET MRI
  • Brain – DOTA PET MRI