Preventive Health Check-Up

HOD firmly believe that early detection is the key to prevention as well as cure from all ailments. Standing true to the thought “prevention is better than cure”, House of Diagnostics offers preventive health packages for all individuals. They bring high quality diagnostics at the most affordable price adhering to the values of care and trust.
House of Diagnostics has carefully designed the following health packages to cover the whole body for the most prominent general health indicators, consume the least of your time, and be cost-effective. Home Collection facility for blood sample collection is available at a minimal additional cost for these packages. Feel free to contact us at 011-40180000 for any query.




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Value Added Services

  • Home Collection: For availing Home Collection facility, please call at 011-40180000 and our call center team will assist you for booking the sample collection.
  • Access Online Reports: Upon booking, a unique ID and passowrd is generated, against your registration. Further, an automated SMS message will be pushed to your registered mobile number, once your reports are ready for collection.
  • Hard Copy Reports: Feel free to collect your hard copy reports from any of our outlets, if you do not wish to access online reports.


Pre-Test Preparation

  • Fasting: Overnight Fasting (10-12 Hours) is advised, for obtaining best results for the health packages. Avoid eating heavy dinner on the day before the examination.
  • Ongoing Medication: Ongoing medication courses can alter blood tests levels. We request you to ask us for any special preparation needed for your examination. Also, please update clinical history in the consent form, to obtain fastest report processing.
  • Doctor Prescription: Doctor prescriptions with DMC No., are mandatory for tests such as pregnancy ultrasounds/doppler as per the PNDT Act, we request you to provide a copy of the same.
  • Re-Sample requests: In rare cases (such as sample hemolysis, or insufficient sample volumes), for the benefit of the patient, laboratory may request for re-sample drawing requests, please cooperate for such requests as we strive to provide you the best of medical results.
  • Update Clinical History: It is best practice, to provide clinical history for avoiding delays in medical reporting and obtaining result correlation.


Book Health Check-up Online

You can click on the health checkup buttons provided here to proceed with an online booking for the health packages.
In case of any queries or assistance, please feel free to contact our customer care at: +91-11-40180000:

  • Basic Care Package at Rs. 999
  • Advanced Care Package at Rs. 1,999 [MOST POPULAR]
  • Super Care Package at Rs. 2,999