Break through in Imaging Technology: THE OPEN / STANDING MRI

HOD operates multiple Open MRI scan centres in Delhi NCR which focus their attention towards a high quality yet low cost service through volumes.

The new open standing MRI Machine installed by House Of Diagnostics is a revolutionary platform for all musculoskeletal applications including the spine, which provides doctors and surgeons a unique additional diagnostic element. When lying down, the patient hardly puts weight on the lower limb because of which a conventional MRI scan cannot detect some vital problems. This technology enables true weight-bearing examination which was not possible before and was one of the greatest challenges to MRI. By allowing scanning in standing position, the technology helps doctors and surgeons diagnose functional alignments of patients’ joints — how they will behave, progress and whether the condition will get worse.

Since there is no tunnel involved as in case of the conventional MRI machine, there is less anxiety for patients who are claustrophobic and dislike confined spaces.

Further, the advanced technology of open standing MRI Machine installed by House Of Diagnostics means less noise than a conventional MRI, thus further dissipating any additional fears/apprehensions of the patient. In fact, the patient can even read a newspaper or listen to music during the MRI.


The open standing MRI Machine has two unique advantages over a conventional MRI: The ability to scan patients in a weight bearing position and in being a truly “open” scanner – giving scanning possibilities to claustrophobic and anxious patient.


House Of Diagnostics is at the forefront of medical technology and expertise. It provides a complete range of latest medical diagnostic facilities for the care of its patients.

Imaging the spine in its natural weight bearing position (i.e. vertical position subject to gravity) has always been one of the targets and challenges of MRI development. There are significant bio-mechanical changes from the lying-down to the vertical weight bearing position & several pathologies are affected by these mechanical changes. MRI of the spine in the natural standing position is therefore the most logical solution, and that is why this machine provides a better overview and pathological analysis to the doctors and surgeons than the conventional lying-down MRI’s.

This new machine incorporates latest technological innovations at the International level. One can have various tilting positions from 0 degree to 90 degrees, which can be done on any desired position, on this nine ton machine. This technology has been developed by world-famous medical diagnostic equipments manufacturer EASOATE based at Genoa, Italy.

This machine is open and thus most friendly for patients who have claustrophobia (fear of small closed-in space) which is a boon for such patients. Extreme fear of being enclosed in conventional MRI machine has deterred many patients from undergoing this test in the conventional machines.

What is the duration of the scan? Is it same as the conventional ones?

Yes, the time spent for per part detailed examination is same as that for conventional MRI scans, that is 25 to 30 minutes per part.


The machine is dedicated for spine, all body joints and musclo skeletal areas. It is important to note that there are spinal disorders which may not be detected at all while lying down, but are extremely obvious in standing positions. This technology enables us to see these differences practically for the first time, and plan treatment accordingly.

Not only can we use this machine as a diagnostic tool, it can also help doctors understand the patient’s recovery process after the procedure.


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